Q: I've never done pottery before, will I be able to sign up for sessions?
A: Yes, we welcome beginners! Our instructors will teach you all you need to know about creating in clay and will structure instruction based on your skill level.
Q: If I start a 4 week session, can I pay the difference and make it an 8 week session?
A: No, but you can purchase another 4 weeks and these will be added to your studio schedule.
Q: Can I make up a missed session?
A: You can make up a missed session as long as it's before your second to the
last session date. This way we can ensure that all of your items will be ready for you for your last session.
Q: I made more items than I could finish in my last session, what do I do?
A: You could sign up for more sessions, finish the items at home with arcylic paints or you could purchase a glaze session for $30 per 1.5 hours.
Q: The youth sessions state that I must stay at the studio with my child, why?
A: We need parents present during the first session until we can determine if your child is capable of working independently. If the instructor feels that your child is competent to work alone then you may have the option to leave.

Q: Why do I have to take a studio session before becoming a member? I've had years of clay experience elsewhere.
A: We make this a requirement to insure that incoming members know how our studio works, plus it helps refresh their knowledge of pottery techniques. The Clay Club is a completely independent study, with no instruction provided. Members need to be able to use the studio without guidance.
Q: I took sessions a year ago, why do I need to invest in more sessions to become a Clay Club member?
A: The studio makes changes every year and returning students need new sessions to bring them up to date with these alterations. Plus, it enables students to refresh their understanding of the pottery techniques and studio practices. This eases frustration and encourages creative independence.

Q: Can I have someone from the Studio do the writing for me on my piece?
A: Yes, our talented staff can add any writing onto your piece for an additional charge of $5 per piece.
Q: Do you offer shipping?
A: Yes, we can ship your items for a $20 shipping and handling fee.
Q: If I run out of time can I come back to finish my piece on a different day?
A: Yes, just pay for your piece(s) before you leave then take your piece(s) home with you. Come back another day to complete your unique project - no prescheduling required!
Q: A group of us would like to come in together, but we dont want to rent out the party room. Can we still glaze?
A: Yes, if there is available seating. The Glaze Bar is first come, first serve so for parties larger than 8 please call ahead to ensure that there is seating available.

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